Be a part of Pakistan's leading and eminent trade representative body of the gems and jewellery industry.
Develop the road map for success. GJF provides members numerous programmes and services to increase networking opportunities and connect with the best in the trade.
Undertakes various issues that affect the trade with the Central & State Government offices and departments in a forceful and unified manner.
Develop solutions and plans to address the various issues related to the jewellery community.
Network with national and international jewellers in the industry.
Obtain trade oriented reports.
Be a part of meetings, programmes and annual conventions that encourage exposure to new ideas, trends, policies and trade related development.
Be a part of activities to grow your businesses.
Leverage the training and development programs for your businesses and staff to enhance your business practices and upgrade your skill set and talent pool.
Co-operative bulk buying offers you economies of large scale and in turn helps you make higher profits.
Receive assistance in legal and corporate affairs.
Protect yourself against the vagaries of global economies with timely advice and information.